Reminder: Upcoming Online Book Club on July 28th

Reminder: The July online book club for Septembers of Shiraz, by Dalia Sofer, will take place here on Monday, July 28.  I will post a review of the book, and then anyone who would like to join the discussion can do so in the comments. Also, Dalia Sofer has graciously agreed to answer reader questions, so if you have questions for her, please include them in your comment or email them to me at

I’m looking forward to the discussion!


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    I’m looking forward to the discussion!
    I nominated you for a blog award:

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    I really, really enjoyed this book and have been waiting anxiously for our discussion.
    Here are some questions for Dalia:
    1. I felt Shirin’s narration was especially compelling and couldn’t help wondering how much of what we saw through her eyes was very closely based on Dalia’s experiences. I’m dying to know if she actually stole and hid files.
    2. Sofer means writer in Hebrew – is this a pen name or a family name she grew into?
    3. I’d also like to know about her writing process or if she has any special writing rituals.
    4. What’s her next project about?
    5. What were the biggest challenges for her when she was adjusting to her new life in Israel and then America after fleeing Iran?
    6. Who are her favorite authors?

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    Guess I know what I’ll be reading this weekend – ha!

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