If you're looking for a lighter read, you might be up for The Bright Side of Disaster by Katherine Center. I learned about this book from Heather at Book Addiction. Here's what Amazon says:

The_bright_side_of_disaster Jenny Harris is nesting in her Houston home with her fiance, Dean, awaiting the birth of their child, to be followed by their wedding. But Dean grows more distant, especially after a coworker dies in a plane crash, and Jenny ends up becoming a single mother. Determined to take good care of her child, she tries to forget about Dean, relegating him to the past. Coping with a baby takes all Jenny's time, so when her perfect single neighbor takes an interest, Jenny is flattered but exhausted. Then, when she finally decides to take a chance and get to know him, Dean comes back into her life. In her stellar first novel, Center paints an accurate and humorous view of motherhood, from the physical changes to lack of sleep and exhaustion as well as the changes in friendships and feelings about men.

Heather at Book Addiction says: "This novel was overall a very fast-paced, enjoyable, and heart-warming story that truthfully brought tears to my eyes.  I really enjoyed it and I highly recommend the book."

Melinda at Planet Mom Blog had a lot of really good stuff to say about The Bright Side of Disaster:

In any event, you need to buy this book. Immediately or sooner. Abandon your beloved computer this very instant, sprint to your local bookstore and demand that Center’s debut novel be placed within your hot little hands at once—lest you die not having savored this 225-page nugget of remarkableness. It is a positively scrumptious read, in every palpable, plausible and profoundly irresistible sense of the word. Indeed, I was smitten from Paragraph One till the bitter end and completely wooed for a host of reasons: I was charmed to death by its cast of characters, intrigued by the narrative’s wealth of unpredictability and awed by Center’s sheer brilliance as it relates to the telling of tales.

Trashionista also gave it a good review, calling it "highly recommended".

Katherine Center has a new book out as well, called Everyone is Beautiful – the blog Does Mommy Love It? is giving away a copy of the new book, and reviews it, here.

Now, can someone give me an extra hour every day so that I can get to some of these books?


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    I haven’t read this, but I just got her latest from the library, and it looks great!

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    It does sound like a good book. I need a couple extra hours each day to read. I have piles and lists and no time.

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    Thanks for the link!!

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    I am getting a tad overwhelmed with the books that I have to read in the near future so I have started to turn down books (GASP!). It pains me but there is only so much time in the day.
    You are not alone 🙂

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    Hi Gayle! Thanks so much for posting about my books!! The new book, Everyone Is Beautiful, is actually featured in Redbook this month as a great book “for the tub,” and it’s also in PEOPLE Magazine this week–as well as (OMG) a photo of me. So crazy! Anyway, I hope you get a chance to check one or both of them out sometime–but I also know what it’s like to have too many books on the bedside table!

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    It sounds like everyone loves this book! Have you seen the review about it on Maw Books? She even posts a soup recipe the author shared from the book.

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