THE LAST SECRET by Mary McGarry Morris

I liked the review of The Last Secretby Mary McGarry Morris from The New York Times Book Review earlier this month (despite the reviewer's criticism of the ending). From the review:

A plot synopsis of The Last Secrettells you everything you need to know about both its genre and its intended readership. Mary McGarry Morris’s heroine, Nora Hammond, seems to have it all, living a life of privilege with her husband and teenage children in a picturesque New England town. But when her husband confesses to a long affair with his childhood sweetheart, Nora’s life begins to come apart. And as a web of secrets and lies is revealed, a dark shadow from Nora’s past returns “with terrifying force,” as the publisher’s ad copy has it, bringing the story to “a shattering ­conclusion.”

The NYT called the book "skillfully paced," with characters "engrossingly snared in complicated relationships."

Random Readings also liked the book a lot: "Another winner from one of my favorite authors! I literally got this book the very day it was released and sat and read it in a day and a half. I love Ms. Morris's writing, and I now have to wait for another book. I have read everything she has ever written and I was not disappointed in her latest venture. Riveting, suspenseful with very interesting characters. Even though I felt sorry for Nora."

But I went on Goodreads and read several very mixed reviews of the book – most of them three stars or less. (Are Goodreaders a tough bunch to please or is this specific to this book?)

Has anyone in EDIWTBland read The Last Secret yet? Worth it?


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