Book Bankruptcy

I am declaring book bankruptcy.

Here was the final straw: a publicist sent me an email yesterday following up on a book I had requested from a list she sent to bloggers. I told her that I didn't think I had received it. Well, she had the UPS confirmation to show that I had, and she was right – it's here, in my massive piles of TBR books. (See here for photos.)

I. Have. Too. Many. Books.That. I. Want. To. Read.

Life has been very busy of late, and I have been very tired at night, and my reading has slowed to a trickle. I am on vacation next week and really looking forward to a few days to read… but it's a larger problem. And to help solve it, I am declaring book bankrupcty.

This means:

  • No new review copies.
  • No bookmarking posts in other people's blogs to note books I want to read.
  • No reading the NYT Book Review. (I think.)
  • No new book club books – Manic Mommies, SV Moms.
  • No buying books, even at Island Bookstore next week.

And it means – READING. Books. Not magazines, not even the newspaper if necessary.

Oh, and I started a book on CD today – something I have never done before. Two people I know will be happy to learn that it is Middlesex, by Jeffrey Eugenides. All 21 hours of it. (OMG, this was an Oprah book?)

This will be hard, but worth it. Bear with me!!


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