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BEA and Book Blogger Con – RECAP

Whew. I am on the train from NY, heading home after Book Expo America (BEA) and the Book Blogger Convention. It was really fun to be around so many other book bloggers this week. For me, book blogging is a pretty solitary experience. While I do interact with readers and other bloggers through Twitter and comments, the blogging itself is something I do solo, with little immediate feedback or sense of camaraderie. Maybe that's why I enjoy Nicole's That's How I Blog series so much – it's one of the few times when I get to interact, albeit one-way, with other book bloggers.

So meeting so many book bloggers in person, in real life, was really a treat. I saw some people I've met before, and met a bunch of new ones, and walked away with a big stack of business cards and new sites to check out. I also picked up some great blogging tips, and heard some thoughtful perspectives on some of the questions I often grapple with as a blogger – what do you do when you have established a personal relationship with an author and then you don't like her book? …how important ARE stats, anyway? …do you really need to be on Twitter AND Goodreads AND Facebook? …is it unethical not to disclose your Amazon Associate affiliation? It was also fun to be on the Marketing and Branding Panel today – I learned a lot from my fellow panelists Ann (Books on the Nightstand), Thea (The Book Smugglers), Heather (Age 30+… A Lifetime of Books) and Yen (The Book Publicity Blog).

And that was just the Book Blogger Convention! Thanks so much to Trish from Hey Lady, Whatcha Readin'?, Pam from MotherReader, Natasha from Maw Books, Rebecca from The Book Lady's Blog, Michelle from GalleySmith, Amy from My Friend Amy, and Nicole from Linus's Blanket for all of their hard work in setting up BBC 2010. I can't wait until next year!

BEA itself was also a great experience. I mostly just walked the aisles, checking out both established and independent publishers. I picked up a bunch of books. (A 30 pound box is on its way to DC via UPS.) I heard a few authors, met a few others, and mostly just immersed myself the love of books percolating through the Javits Center. Of the books I picked up, I am probably most excited about Room, by Emma Donoghue, a book due out in September about a 5 year-old boy born to a kidnapped mother, who has lived with her in one room his whole life. I am also excited about the I Love Trader Joe's Cookbook I found in the booth of Ulysses, an independent publisher who has promised to send it to me. My favorite booth: Algonquin, by far – I love the titles on their shelves and they were very open and generous with bloggers at BEA, at least in my experience.

I will write more about the books I got as I start wading through the box.

Thanks again to the Book Blogger Convention organizers and to all of the great bloggers I met this week!

BEA and Book Blogger Convention 2010

Last May, I attended Book Expo America (BEA) in New York City for the first time. I don't remember how I first heard about it, but once I had, I knew I wanted to be there. It's the biggest annual gathering of people in the book industry, and it sounded like a worthwhile place to be. I didn't know anyone else going, and I had no idea what I was doing once I got there, but I definitely had a good time. I learned about a lot of new books, made some good connections with publisher contacts, picked up some review copies, and met a few other book bloggers. (Here is my BEA wrap-up post from last year.)

This year, though, I am even MORE excited to go to BEA. I know it will be worthwhile, for all the reasons I listed above. But this year, there's a bigger enticement: the first Book Blogger Convention. BEA takes place from May 25-27, and the next day, May 28, there will be a gathering of book bloggers, also at the Javitz Center. And this time, I know some of them! 

I will also be on a panel at Book Blogger Con, speaking about marketing and social media. 

There have been a lot of posts this week offering advice for people attending BEA (wear comfortable shoes, bring business cards, plan ahead, etc.). I'm going to offer some different advice about why you might consider going to BEA and Book Blogger Con.

When I am not book blogging, I have a day job – I am the director of digital communications for Discovery Communications. That means that I am in charge of the social media strategy for Discovery and its networks, which includes outreach to bloggers and social networks and building word-of-mouth and peer-to-peer communications. Over the last few years of working in social media, I have learned how important it is to build – and maintain – personal relationships in the digital space, whether you are trying to build a brand, connect with people who share your interests, or simply get the word out about your products. So if you're a book blogger, a publisher, an author, or just a passionate reader, there's a good reason to go to BEA and Book Blogger Con. The connections you make there will be invaluable.

So… take a look at BEA and Book Blogger Con. A registration for Book Blogger Con will also get you into all three days of BEA, which is great (though you really don't need to go to BEA for all three days).  And if you decide to go – please let me know! I'd love to meet you when we get there. I am really looking forward to meeting more people this year and taking better advantage of being in the same room with all of those fantastic bloggers and authors and publicists!