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Wednesday Book Links

A few book-related links for this Wednesday:

I am always fascinated by the topic of what happens when writers write about their family members, either outright, or through characters in novels. A few months ago, author Joyce Maynard wrote an essay that was published in The New York Times'' "Modern Love" column about a time many years ago when she snooped in her daughter's email and learned something very private about something her daughter was going through. Maynard had been racked with guilt ever since about invading her daughter's privacy. Yesterday, her daughter, Audrey Bethel, posted her side of the story at DoubleX in a feature called "Modern Love Revenge". (How cool that this blog has launched a column for people discussed in the Sunday Styles column to have their say?) I thought Bethel's post was really well-written. How mature to think this way: "I tried to keep reminding myself that it was her story, and her emotions to resolve, so that I could make peace with what she wrote, rather than allow myself to view it as a not-so-necessary exposé in which I am the main character." I imagine that it was difficult to be so gracious!

Thanks to Book Club Girl, I discovered this blog: Flashlight Worthy. (Oh, how I remember those nights of crouching in my bedroom reading via flashlight, because it was "past my bedtime". If only I could stay up past my bedtime now.) Flashlight Worthy is full of all kind of cool book lists, like The 10 Best Books of 2009 For Book Clubs and What New Yorkers Read on the Subway and The 7 Best Novels About WASPs. There are so many good lists to peruse.

Finally, thank you Literary License for pointing me to this L.A. Times essay by David Ulin called "The Lost Art of Reading." Ulin talks about how reading is like meditation, and that with all of our competing activities these days – television, email, the internet – it's hard to settle down to read.  Ulin writes, "What I'm struggling with is the encroachment of the buzz, the sense that there is something out there that merits my attention, when in fact it's mostly just a series of disconnected riffs and fragments that add up to the anxiety of the age." I really relate to this. There are so many things that take me away from reading these days – work, book blogs (!), social networking, that I am reading less and less. It does take a concerted effort to shut out the clutter and focus on escaping into a book.

How do you stay focused on reading when there are so many other things demanding your attention?

More Of My Favorite Blogs

First, I have to thank Leah at The Octogon for nominating EDIWTB for a blog award: the Lemonade Award for "great attitude and gratitude". I am honored! Leah is a serious reader, with a lot of classics in her TBR pile, and thoughtful, thorough reviews. Check out her blog – you will enjoy it!

And speaking of great blogs, here are some more of my favorites – book-related or not. (Click here for the first installment of My Favorite Blogs).

Literary License

Literary License is a relatively new addition to my blog reader, but it's a very welcome one. Gwen, who I had the pleasure of meeting at BEA, is a prolific blogger and attentive chronicler of new books, the book industry, and reading and language. I am impressed by both the frequency and quality of her posts. She always has something intelligent to say and worthwhile books to share.

Eddie Ross

Eddie Ross used to work for Martha Stewart, and now has his own interior design empire. But his style is accessible and affordable. His blog details his flea market finds and the amazing way he transforms them into beautiful, original pieces. He sets a gorgeous table, and he can arrange supermarket flowers to look like hundred-dollar centerpieces. I love to read his blog and dream about the home designer I will never be. This site is addictive.

The Mummy Chronicles

Another blogger I've been lucky to meet many times, Vicky blogs very honestly about motherhood at The Mummy Chronicles. Plus she's incredibly funny. She also has an excellent product review site at Mummy's Product Reviews.

Books for Breakfast

Books for Breakfast was one of the first book blogs I ever discovered, and I was in awe when Kristin read 150 books in one year. She delivers short, compelling reviews of a wide range of books, including plenty of fiction. She's very honest, and she doesn't do giveaways or memes – just reviews. I also like her five star grading scale. I'm a very faithful follower of this blog!

Mrs. O

Ok, I sort of can't believe I follow this blog, but I do, and I really like it. Mrs. O chronicles First Lady Michelle Obama's public appearances and her outfits in great detail. Whenever possible, the authors identify what brand she was wearing, and (if possible), where to buy it. My interest isn't in the clothes, though, it's in the woman wearing them, and the amazing way in which she seems accessible to so many people.

Spotted: DC Summer Interns

This one is kind of mean-spirited, but it's so entertaining that I have to include it. It's a whole blog devoted to self-important, clueless college students who descend on DC every summer for internships on the Hill and at think tanks, nonprofits, and other companies in DC. The omniscient author(s?) capture funny stories, vignettes, and overheard conversations that seem to be occurring simultaneously all over the city, all summer long. No names or identifying information are given. For DC natives, this is a particularly satisfying site.

Hope you enjoy these sites as much as I do. Please feel free to share some of your favorites too!