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Big Changes Here at EDIWTB in 2012!

Hi EDIWTB readers!

I have exciting news. EDIWTB is getting a redesign! Yay! I am moving the blog from Typepad to WordPress (yes, FINALLY), and doing a redesign in the process. The blog will be in the capable hands of a highly-recommended designer, Lauren Thomson, who is going to make the site not only pretty and easy to navigate, but also search-engine optimized and self-hosted!

I will be moving the blog eventually to everydayiwritethebookblog.com, so stay tuned for instructions on how to migrate your subscriptions. I hope that you will all stick with me for the move – I’d hate to lose readers in the process. I know that the end product will be worth the inconvenience.

For those of you who have migrated a blog before, any tips or pointers for me?

So stay tuned. This won’t happen for several weeks – I will give you lots of warning. And I promise finally to provide an index of reviews so that you can finally find reviews of books from years back.

Thanks for sticking with me for the last five years (!) – good things are on the way.