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Vacation Reading Status

I have finished two books so far on vacation and am about 2/3 the way through a third.

Almost done:


Still have almost a week to go so I hope to finish a few more. Reviews when I am back!

Vacation Books!

I am heading out on vacation tomorrow for about 10 days. Among many things, I am excited to get some reading done! Here is the pile of vacation books I am planning to bring with me. (Assuming they fit. They may not. Sigh.)

I am aiming for books that are going to be engrossing and keep my attention. They don’t have to be light, but I don’t want anything that’s a chore to get through. Hopefully this list will hit the mark.

A few other reading-related items:

  1. I went to the new Amazon Bookstore in downtown Bethesda, MD over the weekend. My impressions: it’s a fun place to browse, but it’s not a full-service bookstore. The inventory is too spare. According to this article in the Washington Business Journal, “Every book in the store is either a best-seller, new release or has an online rating of at least four stars. Curators consider books based on Amazon customer ratings, pre-orders, sales and popularity on social cataloging site Goodreads in making selections. The curators will also determine what gets on the shelves by looking at Kindle reading behavior — Amazon is a data company, after all — to let customers know where to find the real page turners.” So it’s a good place to get recommendations and discover new books based on other books you’ve liked. But you’re not going to have much luck looking for a specific book that isn’t on the best-seller list. If you’re a Prime member, you pay Prime prices. My office will soon be moving to Bethesda, but I doubt this will be a regular lunchtime destination for me.
  2. I have a winner from the June Is Audiobook Month giveaway! Congratulations to Pat Burke!

OK, I’ll be back to review vacation reads, either from the trip or when I get back.

Vacation Reads

Hi everyone! I am headed out for vacation today in Oslo, Copenhagen and St. Petersburg, so I will be scarce here for the next 10 days or so. I have a scheduled review going up on Friday, but otherwise I may not be able to post at all until I get back.

I am looking forward to some reading time on the trip. Here's what I am bringing:

My husband doesn't know how many books I am taking. (We are trying to pack light.) Oh well! He won't read this until we are already there. I know, I know, get a Kindle.

Happy reading, everyone! See you when I get back.

Off On Vacation

Today I am leaving on vacation for two weeks! I am looking forward to a few weeks away – it should be a lot of fun. I have posts going up while I am gone, though, so don't forget to check EDIWTB!

Here's what I am bringing to read while I am gone:

Jonathan Tropper, This Is Where I Leave You

Lucinda Rosenfeld, I'm So Happy For You

Katherine Center, The Bright Side of Disaster

Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows, The Guernsey Literary and Potatoe Peel Pie Society

Sue Miller, The Senator's Wife

Have a great two weeks, everyone!

Help Me Choose My Vacation Reads

Couple of topics for today's post:

First, on Sunday I posted about a book reading I attended by Rebecca Flowers, the author of Nice to Come Home To. Rebecca has a blog, and linked to my post yesterday. I like her blog a lot – thanks for the link, Rebecca!

Second, this Thursday 5/22 is the date for the online book club for Matrimony. If you are participating, please leave a comment on Thursday and join the discussion. Also, Josh Henkin will be answering questions about the book in a few weeks, so please leave any questions you may have for him in your comment or email them to me at gweiswasser@gmail.com.

Finally, I need your help! I am going on vacation for a week this Saturday, and I have a pile of candidates for vacation reading. I need to narrow it down to two. Please weigh in – let me know which book I should take on vacation and why. Here's the list:

  1. After This, by Alice McDermott
  2. Property, by Valerie Martin
  3. Beginner's Greek, by James Collins
  4. The Memory Keeper's Daughter, by Kim Edwards
  5. The Confessions of Max Tivoli, by Andrew Sean Greer
  6. You Remind Me of Me, by Dan Chaon
  7. Family History, by Dani Shapiro

Please leave me a comment and let me know what to bring to the beach.

PS. Go David Cook!