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Children’s Book: SPLAT THE CAT by Rob Scotton

Splat I recently got a review copy of a children's book called Splat the Cat, by Rob Scotton, the author and illustrator of the endearing Russell the Sheep. It's the story of a cat with first-day-of-school jitters. He decides to sneak his pet mouse Seymour into school via his lunchbox. During the day, after learning from his teacher that cats are "cunning and quick", Splat lets Seymour out of the lunchbox. Hijinx ensue, and Seymour ends up teaching the cats some unexpected things about mice. Splat, meanwhile gains the confidence to start looking forward to going to school.

I didn't enjoy this book as much as Russell the Sheep, though my four year-old girls seemed to like it a lot. The illustrations are delightful and creative, but I thought the story was a little lacking. I know, that sounds a little harsh to say about a children's book, but I've read it twice and had the same reaction. However, as I mentioned, my kids really liked the book and paid attention to every page.

So if you're a fan of Russell the Sheep, give Splat the Cat a try.

Children’s Book: THE RABBIT AND THE SNOWMAN by Sally Lee

Lee I received a review copy this week of The Rabbit and the Snowman by Sally Lee. It’s a kid’s book, probably good for ages 3-6.

My four year-olds and I read it yesterday, and they gave it two thumbs up. It’s the story of a snowman who befriends a rabbit in the winter. By spring, the snowman has melted, and the rabbit, while distracted by the nice weather and the flowers and the birds, misses the snowman. When the cold weather returns, the snowman reappears and the friends are reunited.

This is a gentle story with lovely watercolor drawings and some unique visual perspectives. When I asked the girls what they liked about the book, they said, “I like the pretty snow.” “I like the colors.” and “I like how the snowman came back.” Both said they would like to read it again.

I’d be happy to read it to them again too. It’s not my favorite kid’s book of all time, probably because it’s missing that adult humor that makes some kid’s books so entertaining to read, but it’s certainly a sweet book with a nice message about enduring friendship.

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