NICE TO COME HOME TO by Rebecca Flowers

Flowers Back in May, I went to a book reading by Rebecca Flowers, author of Nice To Come Home To. I blogged about it here. I just finished the book, which is the story of Prudence, a single 36 year-old woman in Washington, DC and her search for love and purpose in her life.

It sounds like the dreaded chick lit, I know – single woman surrounded by quirky friends and family and her quest for husbandcareerkids. But Nice To Come Home To was surprisingly rich and compelling. I love Flowers' writing, her eye for detail, and her descriptions of Pru's emotions. I love the fact that this book was set in D.C., as I could picture where everything was taking place. And most of all, I liked Pru, the heroine. She was totally relatable – I feel like I would have acted exactly like her in the same situations.

A few scenes were especially memorable to me. At one point, Pru ends up going hiking with the man she may or not be falling for, and they end up stranded in the mountains in his broken down van. They are forced to stay overnight in back of the chilly van, and Flowers describes perfectly one of those endless, surreal nights we've all experienced, and the oddly intimate conversations that often ensue.  She also perfectly narrates the cycle of a D.C. snowstorm – the initial excitement and anxiety, the hours of quiet during the snowfall, the novelty and beauty of the urban transformation to white stillness, the cabin fever and the unexpected camaraderie that arises among the snowed-in citizens.

Beyond the writing – I enjoyed the pace and the unexpected twists and turns that kept me turning the pages.

Here is a review of Nice To Come Home To from The Written Word blog, who learned about the book from me. How exciting!

I really liked this book. Entertaining, well-written, satisfying, all with a realistic  heroine. This was Flowers' first book and I am looking forward to more.