November/December Book Club: WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT KEVIN by Lionel Shriver

First, here are the three winners of the giveaway of The Four Seasons, by Laurel Corona: Carey, Dr. Blondie and Sara Rush! I will email each of you for your address. Congratulations!

Kevin Second, I am happy to announce the next EDIWTB book club. For the first time, I am repeating an author, because I think she is just that good. It's Lionel Shriver's book We Need To Talk About Kevin. Her book The Post -Birthday World was a book club pick on this blog back in March, and it generated a lively debate among EDIWTB readers (see the comment thread on that post). Lionel Shriver also answered questions about The Post Birthday World here.

More recently, I posted an essay Shriver wrote about not having children, and the comments on that post were again strong opinions about We Need To Talk About Kevin. So, while I know that there are many authors out there deserving of attention and worth reading for a book club, I've chosen We Need To Talk About Kevin, despite the fact that we've read Lionel Shriver before.

It's a long book, and I want to give participants a lot of time to read it. So… if you're interested in participating in the book club, send me an email at [email protected] before Saturday, November 8 with the following information in the following format (no spaces between lines):


Mailing Address

Email Address

HarperCollins has again generously agreed to send copies of the book to EDIWTB readers who would like to participate in the book club. Depending on when the books go out, we'll have the discussion here on this blog in early-mid December.

Thank you very much, HarperCollins!

Update: We've reached our allotment of books from HarperCollins so unfortunately I am not accepting new names for the book club. However, feel free to buy the book or borrow it from the library.