Cool Book Site: Readiac

I came across a new book site this week called Readiac. It aggregates book reviews that have been submitted by readers, with the following criteria:

When you read a book and you can’t put it down, or you don’t want it to end – ever, you want to tell somebody right now – “this is an incredible book” – you are experiencing something special.  Readiac is where you can tell someone right away, no mediation, just tell it.  Powerful experiences like these are important.  They change us.  They make us human.  So take advantage of this opportunity.  Send me your stories, reviews, lovesongs to favorite books and authors.  Be honest, let your heart speak and the words will follow.  I will read every submission with care and devotion and will post all that fit the criteria stated here.

I love the spirit behind this site – that amazing feelng when you're reading something absolutely beautiful or transformative (or even disturbingly moving) and you just can't wait to share it with someone.

I submitted my EDIWTB review of We Need To Talk About Kevin by Lionel Shriver, and it's currently posted on the top row of reviews. 

Spend some time on the site – I am sure you'll find something you can't wait to read.