ONE DAY by David Nicholls

I know, I am not supposed to be looking at new books right now.

But. This one looked so cool. I read about it on Very Short List, which I refuse to unsubscribe from. And I *may* have to pursue it. It's called One Day, by David Nicholls. From VSL:

Nichols In the funny, sweet and completely engrossing novel One Day by David Nicholls, Emma Morley and Dexter Mayhew first meet on July 15, 1988, at the end of their time at university, where they end up in bed together. After that, the book checks in with them on the same day each year, spanning two decades of up-and-down friendship.

The pair comes from different backgrounds—Dexter is handsome, confident and well-off; Emma is brilliant, from more modest means, and struggles to find her way after graduation as Dexter’s career takes off in television. But with each passing year, the tables begin to turn, and their always fraught friendship endures increasingly grown-up challenges. The friendship at the heart of this novel is best expressed within the pitch-perfect dialogue/banter between the two. In fact, it’s nearly impossible to read it without envisioning a movie—and sure enough, one is already in production.

This is like a cupcake sitting next to me – major temptation. Do I request a copy? Or do I stay faithful to the book bankruptcy code? I will keep you in suspense. 🙂