New Book from Jeffrey Eugenides: THE MARRIAGE PLOT

I saw this on BookPage this week – Jeffrey Eugenides has a new book in the works. For you Middlesex fans out there, this is exciting news.

It is called The Marriage Plot, and it's due out in October. Here's what Eugenides has to say about it:

I don’t quite know how to describe it. A college love story? Maybe. It begins on graduation day, in 1982, and involves three main characters. The sweep of the action takes place over the next year or so, as the characters begin their lives outside the university gates. The book deals, among other things, with religion, depression, the Victorian novel, and Roland Barthes. I really don’t like to talk about it. It’s about 400 pages long so far, and two-thirds done. I don’t think it will be a long book, not as long as Middlesex, anyway. It’s different from my other books. More tightly dramatized, less fanciful. What else? It’s not a Detroit book, not this time. Though one of the characters comes from Detroit, the new book ranges in setting from Providence, Rhode Island, and Cape Cod to Calcutta.

A college love story set in Rhode Island? Count me in. Great news!