COLLEGE GIRL by Patricia Weitz

OK, I've moved on (temporarily) from books about high school to ones about college. Here's one I want to read: College Girl by Patricia Weitz.

From Entertainment Weekly:

Weitz Very little actually happens in Patricia Weitz's novel: Natalie, a straight-A college senior, develops a crush on a not-so-nice boy, loses her virginity to him, and consequently self-destructs. Yet College Girl might as well be a dissertation on quarter-life female behavior. Weitz is so adept at capturing the pain and insecurity attached to campus life and love, it's impossible to read without squirming — or at least without recalling the stupid decisions of your own early 20s. The book wraps itself up a bit too neatly, and not everything rings true: How is it that brainy Natalie has never heard of Ayn Rand? But it's still more memorable than a boozy night at a frat party. B+    

Here is a book trailer for College Girl (which is directed by Paul Weitz – director of About a Boy and American Pie – any relation?):

The Book Lady's Blog was not a fan. Muse Book Reviews didn't love it either. Fashionista Piranha said "It's a fun, light read – almost too light, somehow, for the topics it talks about – with a tidy little ending to tie everything up neatly. I thought it was fun, and made me rather nostalgic for my golden, wasted youth."

Confessions of a Bibliophile said "I enjoyed this read, though I don’t think it captures the college experience as well as it purports to. What I think it does do is speak to anyone who has felt left out and confused, unsure of themselves, or been infatuated with the wrong guy for the wrong reasons while knowing it was wrong, deep down."

Hmmm. I may have to try this one out myself.