VINCE AND JOY by Lisa Jewell

I'd never heard of British author Lisa Jewell before, but I read this blurb about her book Vince and Joy on my Book Lover's Page-a-Day calendar earlier this month, and I thought it sounded good:

Try this classic love story about perennial love. Vince and Joy were each other's first kiss, first love, first hit to third base – well, you get the idea. Separated by time and distance and a good-bye note that Vince couldn't read because the rain washed away the writing, the two have met again after almost 20 years. The attraction is still irresistible, but what of Joy's pending marriage and Vince's child by another woman?

Jewell Here is a positive review of Vince and Joy from the Better World Blog, who says that even though Lisa Jewell is sometimes considered chick lit, it's really more accurate to call her books "contemporary fiction".

The Thrifty Reader liked this book too.

Has anyone out there read it, or anything by Lisa Jewell?