TALKING AT NIGHT by Claire Daverley

Vacation read #2 was Talking At Night by Claire Daverly. I had seen this book out and about and was intrigued by its premise: a couple meets in high school and experience an intense chemistry that leads them on a windy and often tortured path for years to come. It was compared to Normal People (reviewed here), which I loved, so this was a no-brainer for me.

Why I picked it up: Once I read the dust jacket, I was sold.

Will and Rosie hang out for the first time during their last year of high school – he is her twin brother’s close friend – and although they are total opposites (she’s studious, obedient and heading to college, while he’s brooding, mysterious, and not on the college track), they have an undeniable connection. For many years, Rosie and Will’s paths come together and separate again, as they experiences losses and loves and the many obstacles and opportunities that life presents. Talking At Night is a beautiful, messy, frustrating love story and I enjoyed every page of it. Daverley’s writing is spare and fresh, with realistic dialogue and simple details that gave the story depth and immediacy.

I really liked this book and highly recommend it! Also, I think Will is my favorite fictional character in recent memory.

Talking At Night was the 38th book of 2023.