Memorial Day Weekend

Thank you to everyone who participated in yesterday's discussion of Matrimony. I thought the discussion was very interesting, and I liked the variety of reactions to the book. I will pass along all of the submitted questions to Josh Henkin and will post his answers in a few weeks.

Yesterday set a traffic record for EDIWTB – very exciting! I've noticed a surge in traffic since being chosen as TypePad's featured blog. Also, the online book club discussions often bring in new readers who have been sent by other book blogs that may have discussed the same book.

As I mentioned earlier this week, I am headed out on vacation tomorrow for a week. I may post once or twice while I am gone, but if I don't, please don't unsubscribe or take me off your reader! I will be back.

(And for those who weighed in - I am bringing Beginner's Greek and Family History with me on vacation, along with How To Talk To A Widower (1/4 done already) and At A Loss For Words (discussed here). Thank you for your input!)