First, thank you to everyone who left me such nice comments after my post on Thursday. It is very nice to hear that this blog matters to so many of you, and I really appreciate your taking the time to comment. I am sorry that I haven't responded individually to your comments – please know that I read them all and that they meant a lot to me.

Segal I picked up a very cute kid's book at BEA that I wanted to share here. The book is called ABC in Washington, DC, by Robin Segal, and it's an illustrated alphabet book in which the letters all correspond to notable things, places, and people in Washington, DC. (For example – one N is a "news crew", one O is "Old Executive Office Building", one F is a metro "farecard", one K is "Kennedy Center", etc.) We live in Washington, and my 5 year-olds enjoyed reading it tonight and picking out the places and things they knew.  ABC in Washington, DC is part of a series called All 'Bout Cities, which also features ABC books from New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, Miami, Boston and "the city" in general.

I like that the author didn't limit herself to the obvious choices. For DC, there were some unexpected photos that really captured the quirks of my hometown, such as "graffiti," "squirrel" and "souvenir sweatshirt vendor".

The books from the All 'Bout Cities series would make excellent gifts for people living in these cities with small kids. Or, a collection of them would be a great way to introduce kids to the individual sights and attractions of some of our nation's best cities.