Sue Miller’s THE LAKE SHORE LIMITED and Book Blogger Con

A few links of interest today…

The first is an article on Shelf Awareness about the upcoming Book Blogger Convention, which is taking place the day after Book Expo America in NY at the end of May. The article talks about how valuable book blogs are to publishers, as well as a survey recently undertaken by Rebecca of The Book Lady's Blog that seeks to quantify the influence of book bloggers. I am really looking forward to Book Blogger Con, so that I can see my book blogger friends and meet some new ones. I am also participating in a blogger/marketing panel at the conference.

The second is this Washington Post review of Sue Miller's new book, The Lake Shore Limited. If you're a fan of Sue Miller… this one has been getting good reviews. The Post says The Lake Shore Limited "may be the closest thing we'll get to a [Henry James-esque] response to 9/11: no drama, no crisis, barely any action at all — just a deeply affecting examination of the thoughts and feelings of four people still moving in the shadow of that tragedy." I am generally a big fan of Sue Miller's books, though I found The Senator's Wife (reviewed here) disappointing. I am definitely willing to give her another chance on this one.