Giveaway: JUST LET ME LIE DOWN by Kristin van Ogtrop

Oh, my poor neglected book blog. I am so sorry. It's not that I haven't been thinking about you, or that I haven't *wanted* to post. It's these late nights where I fall asleep on the couch, trying to do work, and wake up too tired to post. It has been a long week, and I just haven't found the time. But I have been reading – the EDIWTB online book club is meeting this Thursday, and I am almost done with The Girls too. So please forgive my absence, and know that I will be back soon.

Ogtrop In the meantime, an example of my jumbled life: I somehow got two review copies of the same book, and it's being discussed tomorrow night with the Silicon Valley Moms Book Club, and I still haven't read it. So, I would like to give one copy away here, and to at least mention it since I can't give it a full review yet. It's called Just Let Me Lie Down: Necessary Terms for the Half-Insane Working Mom, by Kristin van Ogtrop (the editor of Real Simple), and it's "an alphabetically arranged dictionary of terms, observations, lists, complaints, questions, musings, and the occasional diatribe" about the author's life as a working mom. (I love the title.)

I've flipped through the book, and it is entertaining. One entry, under "O":

One angry mother: Any woman who is over the age of forty and trying to balance a job, a husband, children, and running a household. If she has any pets, then she may be extra angry. Maybe it's hormones; maybe it's life stage; maybe it's mortality nipping at the heels, but most of the over-forty working moms I know are just pissed off. Still, they sure do get a lot done.

Pretty funny, huh?

Ok, if you want my second copy of Just Let Me Lie Down, leave a comment here. I'll pull a name on Monday, May 3.