Introduction to the TBR Pile

My TBR pile is even more out of control than usual. I think this week I will take pictures of the various places I have TBR books stashed – and there are multiple places. It's daunting.

I have the books vaguely prioritized into the following categories:

Books I REALLY REALLY want to read SOON.

Books I REALLY want to read SOON.

Books I want to read soon.

Books I want to read at some point.

Books I want to read eventually.

I received a reader request to pull the curtain back on the TBR list and reveal a bit of what's on there. So, i think I will start a regular feature where I list some of the books in the top categories, above, and why they are on the list.

This is also a way to pay back the publicists who have kindly sent me review copies, because while I may not review the books soon, at least I can give them some visibility. Also, it's a good way to get some reader feedback on these books. Do they deserve to be on the TBR list?

So here are a few books on the I REALLY REALLY want to read SOON list.

1. Carolyn Parkurst, The Nobodies Album. I talked about this book on the blog here, and want to read it in part because I enjoyed her earlier book Lost and Found, which is a fictionalized account of contestants on a show like "The Amazing Race". I opted not to pick this one up this week after just finishing This One Is Mine, because I wanted a change from the LA setting.

2. Bonnie Burnard, Suddenly. I can't believe I haven't gotten to this one yet. Burnard is a Canadian writer, and I was so excited to get my hands on this copy early. I loved her book A Good House (which I read many, many years ago) and this one looks great too.

3. Lionel Shriver, So Much for That. I went to Lionel's book reading in March, and I love Lionel Shriver, so this one is high on the list.

4. Kim Wright, Love in Mid-Air. I am reading this for the Manic Mommies May book club. Thought it looked interesting.

Let me know what you've read and whether these books should be on the top of the TBR list!