LA Times Article on Book Bloggers

The L.A. Times ran a piece yesterday on book bloggers, and how publishers are increasingly relying on us to get the word out about new titles. It quotes Trish from Hey Lady, Whatcha Reading?, Rebecca from The Book Lady's Blog, Amy from My Friend Amy, Jennifer Hart from HarperCollins and Book Club Girl, and a number of others from both the blogging and publishing worlds. Great piece!! i like the last paragraph:

Overall, book bloggers reported an average of more than 5,000 pageviews a month; [Rebecca's] blog gets about a thousand visits per day. This doesn't compare with
an author appearance on the "Today" show, a review on NPR or a feature in a
newspaper, but it's reaching thousands of readers, and connecting to them in a
new way. "Bloggers are readers," says Hart. "Given the number of books they buy
or check out of their local library, and then read and discuss in a given year,
they're the readers to whom we should be paying the most attention."