BlogHer ’10

I am back from BlogHer '10. I had a great time being around 2,500 fellow women bloggers for a few days. Here's a little recap of what I did:

  • Kicked off BlogHer at the BlogHer Business conference on Thursday, which is aimed at people interested in how brands can connect with bloggers and use social media to engage with consumers. I spoke on a panel about corporate Facebook and Twitter strategy, which was much longer than that recap would suggest!
  • Hung out with lots of friends from the blogging world, some of whom I have met through my work in social media at Discovery and at my prior agency job.
  • Saw a lot of my fellow DC Metro Moms, who are now The D.C. Moms.
  • Met lots of new bloggers from across the country.
  • Ran into some old friends from college and D.C.
  • Hung out a bit with book bloggers Florinda of The 3 R's and Melissa from Betty and Boo Chronicles, and even got to have a great book blogging conversation with Nicole from Linus' Blanket over late-night Greek tapas. I especially enjoyed a panel on Saturday about the new publishing world, where Florinda represented us book bloggers well!
  • Went to some fun parties, including one given by the Mouthy Housewives where, I swear to God, I was given a brand new vacuum cleaner.
  • Went to an amazing breakfast with three women at Pepsi, including the SVP of communications, and learned that this blog is one of her favorites. (If you're reading, hi Julie!)
  • Went to a few sessions, where I picked up some tips about blogging and spam and hackers and metrics, and learned about some of the radical moms of the blogosphere (including my favorite – this one. Hi PunditMom!)

It was a jam-packed, exhausting few days, but so worth it. Would love to hear from others who were there – how did you spend YOUR BlogHer?

[Oh, and I've already bought my ticket for next year. San Diego 2011!]