Audiobook Winner and Reading Slump

So my post-baby reading spike seems to be over. I started work again this week, and with my baby sleeping less during the day and me not nursing so much at night, I  just am not reading as much as I was in the beginning of the summer. I had hoped that I’d be able to keep up my blogging pace this year once Nate was here, but clearly that was a bit optimistic.

I am listening to Please Look After Mom by Kyung-Sook Shin on audio, and it’s kind of a slog. I find it a little flat, even boring at times. And I am reading The Age of Miracles by Karen Thompson Walker which hasn’t stood a chance because I keep reading it when I get in bed and am already exhausted.

Hopefully my reading mojo will return soon. I need a real page-turner to get me back into it!

Meanwhile, I did pick a winner for the Jonathan Tropper audiobook giveaway: Congratulations to Anne, who won the copy of One Last Thing Before I Go.