2024 EDIWTB Reading Challenge

Happy 2024 everyone!!

I am celebrating the new year with a relatively mild case of covid. Hopefully that’s a good sign for the rest of the year – get it out of the way early, right?

I am a little late announcing the 2024 EDIWTB Reading Challenge, but here we go. As always, my goal is to provide a reading challenge that is 1) manageable; 2) enjoyable; and 3) helps you find and read books you like while gently expanding your comfort zone. I am also going to include “book on your bookshelf” again for __ of the categories, so that you can read some of those books you already own that have been languishing on your shelf or floor or night table. (I may have just a few of those…)

If you want to participate, feel free to join the Facebook page for the Challenge and add your name to this Google sheet. You can keep track of your books there and get inspiration from what others are reading in the same categories.

Here are the 2024 categories:

  • Books 1-2: Unread books from your shelves/ereader queue.
  • Books 3-4: Recommendations from friends
  • Book 5: Book with a one word title
  • Book 6: Big Book from 2023 that you missed
  • Book 7: Debut
  • Book 8: Book you discovered in an indie bookstore
  • Book 9: Book with a number in the title
  • Book 10: A sophomore novel (author’s second book)
  • Book 11: Book with a beautiful cover
  • Book 12: Nonfiction from 2024

Here is the spreadsheet where you can keep track of your progress. If your name doesn’t already appear from prior challenges, please add it to the list. When you complete a category, add the book title and author to your row on the spreadsheet. It’s fun to see what other people are reading!

Thanks for joining the 2024 EDIWTB Reading Challenge! Please join the 2024 EDWITB Reading Challenge Facebook Group, where we share book ideas and encourage each other as the year goes by.

Happy reading!