Vacation… Finally

Obx_4 I will be away at the beach in NC starting tomorrow for two weeks.  Hopefully, my wireless card will work, or I will find someone’s wireless network to piggyback on while I am gone. If so, I plan to keep up the posts. If for some reason you don’t see a new post for a while, don’t despair… I will be back!

I have an ambitious reading plan for the beach. Too ambitious, undoubtedly. But I always like to have a lot of backup books with me when I travel, in case I don’t like the one I am reading.

The books I am bringing:


The Post-Birthday World

Free Food For Millionaires


A Summons to Memphis (which I believe I bought in NC a year ago, the last time I was at the beach, and which I have a nagging sense I have read before)

Happiness Sold Separately

Blogging for Dummies (I want to read up on RSS).

I know, I am crazy.