Book Giveaway

I received an advance copy of a new book that I’d like to give away to someone who’d like to read it. The book is called Maggie Again, by John Husband. If you liked Time and Again and are watching Journeyman this season, then this book may be for you.

The description:

Life is idyllic for four rural Indiana teens until one of them, Maggie, moves to New York City with her parents in this time-warp set in the summer of 1926 and 1984.  When Maggie’s three childhood friends hop a boxcar to visit her in New York, their journey takes a magical turn, catapulting them to the year 1984 un-aged to meet a 76-year-old Maggie. On their return to 1926, they try to manipulate events in their favor, only to find that "time" is a fickle chronicler of events.

This book is due out in January 2008. You can read more about it at If you’d like this review copy, send me an email at [email protected].