October Blog Updates

Hi Everyday I Write The Book Blog fans!

Thank you for reading my blog and being part of the EDIWTB community of book lovers!

A few updates from me:

  1. I changed over to a new service for email subscriptions. If you’d like to get an email whenever I post a new review, please use the link at the top right of the blog (“Subscribe to this blog!”) and enter your name and email. You will get an email whenever I post something new. If you were already subscribed via the old service, you may get two emails whenever there is a new post for a short time. Once I know the new service is working well, I’ll deactivate the old one and you’ll go back to receiving one email.
  2. We’re almost to November! Crazy. The EDIWTB 2020 Reading Challenge has only two months to go. I am working on new categories for 2021 – stay tuned and I’ll reveal them in December!
  3. Are you tuning in to The Readerly Report podcast? Nicole and I are back to posting every week and we’ve had some great episodes lately (our favorite campus novels, celebrity book clubs and more). Please subscribe to the podcast wherever you listen to podcasts, and if you can take a moment to review and rate the show, that would be great!
  4. I’d love to connect with you on Instagram – I have a bookstagram account there at https://www.instagram.com/gweiswasser/. Lots of pics of my dog Lucky with whatever I’ve been reading.
  5. I set a reading goal of 60 books for 2020. I am already at 54, so it looks like I’ll easily reach that goal. Thank you, pandemic. Maybe I can get to 70?

Thanks again for reading, and stay in touch!