SUNNY BUNNIES by Margie Blumberg

I don't usually review childrens' books, but occasionally I come across one that I feel inspired to write about.

Blumberg A work colleague of mine gave me a copy of Sunny Bunnies by Margie Blumberg (I believe she is friends with the author). It is a very sweet story about a family of bunnies who go to the beach for a day of sun, fun, picnics and roasted marshmallows over a campfire. She gave it to me right after we had returned from the beach, and my four year-old girls have really enjoyed reading (and re-reading it). The book will be a nice year-round reminder of our vacation.

I really recommend Sunny Bunnies – it's gentle and sweet and has great pictures that kept my girls very interested. The best part: at the end, the parents collapse horizontally on their bed while their kids stay up late downstairs prolonging the beach day.

I believe it is coming out on Amazon tomorrow or soon thereafter.