Five Year Blogiversary!!

5 Today is my five-year blogiversary! I never expected, when I started this blog in August 2006, that I'd still be here five years later, part of the great community of book bloggers, fiction enthusiasts, publishers and authors that I've gotten to know. I've gotten more serious about reading and more picky about what I put on the TBR list, and have read more books this year so far than ever, all thanks to the blog.

I am grateful to all of you who come and read my blog, leave me comments, and refer the site to your friends. Thanks also for the book recommendations and the "likes" on Facebook.

It is fitting that I should be spending today, the five-year anniversary of the blog, heading to San Diego for BlogHer, the largest annual women's blogging conference. I won't be posting here for a few days, but I am sure to return energized about blogging and the amazing community that exists at the other end of the computer.

Here's to 5 more years!