The TBR Pile in Pictures

An EDIWTB reader requested that I post some photos of the TBR piles. OK, here they are. Publishers beware! This is what I am up against!

This is the most current TBR pile. These are the books I have received most recently, and the ones that I keep prioritizing. They are supposedly grouped by priority, but the order always gets jumbled and needs to be reshuffled.


Here are the books next to the bed. These are the ones I am currently reading, or about to read, or have recently given up on, or are the “coffee table” type books that don’t move:


Here are the books at the bottom of the bookshelf that were in my TBR pile before I started blogging:


This is the bookshelf where I put the books I’ve already read. They aren’t all mine, but I love this bookshelf. I think of books as friends, and I love to just lie in bed and scan the shelves, thinking back over the characters and stories I remember.


And finally, I’d be dishonest if I didn’t include the spillover TBR list in the den, which is mostly made up of what I’ve bought at a few recent used book sales and a few review copies.


Pretty bad, huh? My friends call my bedroom “the bookstore”. Does this look familiar to anyone, or am I hopeless?