Welcome to the new EDIWTB!

Welcome! This is the new home of EDIWTB! I have my own domain now (https://www.everydayiwritethebookblog.com/), and a brand-new design, and I am officially now a WordPress blog.

If you have been subscribing to my blog via Feedblitz, you don’t have to do anything. I will redirect your subscription to this new address. If you subscribe via an RSS feed, please add the new feed address: https://www.everydayiwritethebookblog.com//feed/. You can also click on the icon on the right (under “Follow”), which will show you the new feed address.

I now have a complete index of reviews, which contains links to every review I have posted. Posts are also now categorized and more easily shareable across a wider range of platforms.

I will leave the old Typepad site up for a few weeks and will then deactivate it.

Many, many thanks to Lauren Thomson of Lauren Thomson Design, who was incredibly patient with me over the last month or so. She came up with the design for the blog, and worked on an infinite number of drafts and trials before getting the blog to its final state. She is very resourceful – and is also a book lover – so she understood and accommodated my idiosyncratic (and irrational?) preferences.  Lauren is also a WordPress goddess.

Thanks also to my non-techie husband, who didn’t bat an eye when I asked for a blog migration and redesign for my birthday.