First Book 2020

Every year, Sheila at Book Journey hosts First Book, where she invites readers to send in photos of them with their first read of the year. I’ve participated the last 4 years, and am excited to do so this year too. So give Book Journey a visit and see what people are reading on the first day of 2020. Thank you Sheila for keeping up this fun tradition!

Here’s my pick: Weather, by Jenny Offill. I was a huge fan of her last book, Dept. of Speculation, and this one is written in a similar style. I am really looking forward to it. It comes out in February 2020, but I am too excited to read it to wait another month. In this picture, I am standing outside Oracle Park in San Francisco on a chilly, grey, wet day (hence the frizzy hair). We were in California for a week over break and are now headed home.

Happy new year, everyone! What is your First Book of 2020?