Another year, another EDIWTB Reading Challenge!

It’s simple – read a book from each category over the course of 2022. There are only 12 categories, so it’s pretty manageable. This is supposed to be fun and push your reading comfort zone a little wider. I kept my favorite categories from prior years and added some new ones in.

Here is the spreadsheet where you can keep track of your progress. If your name doesn’t already appear from former challenges, please add it to the list. When you complete a category, add the book title and author to your row on the spreadsheet. It’s fun to see what other people are reading!

Here are the 2022 categories! (Some of these are repeats from prior challenges.)

  1. Book with a flower on the cover
  2. A book that’s been sitting on your shelf for 2+ years
  3. Pick a book any book – go up to your shelves, eyes closed, and pick the first unread book you touch. No do-overs!
  4. A book you discovered while browsing in a bookstore
  5. Short story collection
  6. A memoir
  7. A book set outside the US
  8. A debut novel
  9. A translation from another language
  10. A book with a first name in the title
  11. A book that has won an award
  12. A book by an author you love

Thanks for joining the 2022 EDIWTB Reading Challenge! Please also join the 2022 EDWITB Reading Challenge Facebook Group, where we share book ideas and encourage each other as the year goes by.